TOP 10 Phuket beaches

TOP 10 Phuket beaches – the most complete review

The best beaches of Phuket

The best beaches of Phuket are known to vacationers from around the world, because they are very different and relaxing on them, respectively, will also be dissimilar: on some beaches you can move as much as possible from human bustle and prying eyes, relax calmly, relax, and at others will have fun for a noisy Party and maximally imbued with the color of Thailand.

Kata beach phuket

For swimming, beaches located on the southern part of the island and on the west coast are best suited, there are relatively calm and clean places. There is a couple of good (for an amateur) beaches in the east, but there are very strong tides and flows.

Almost every beach has coral reefs and you can dive, snorkeling and active types of water sports. You can also get acquainted with the fauna of the island, visiting wild reserves, admire architectural masterpieces and historical temples, mansions, in general, to conduct a boring rest by the sea.

Overview of all beaches on Phuket

There are a lot of beaches on Phuket, they are all not like each other and everyone can find a place here to their liking. There are beaches that every tourist knows about, it is crowded and noisy on them, and only the locals know the whereabouts, there a person’s leg quietly and practically did not step there.

Surin beach phuket

The most popular beaches of Phuket are located on the western coast in the southern part of the island: Patong, Kata, Karon, Nay Harn. In the northern part of the island, the beaches are less in demand: Kamala, Surin, found, found.

So, which beach of Phuket to choose for relaxation? All of them are certainly good, but the main thing to rely on when choosing is your preferences. What are you expecting from a Thai holiday? Solitude and tranquility, silence and unity with nature? Or do you want noisy parties with dancing until you drop? We have prepared for you a review of the best beaches of Phuket to help you make a choice.

Beach Kata

Kata beach is a place that is ideal for relaxing with family, children. Every day, the staff cleanses the beach, so it is always clean here, the water in the sea is transparent, the sand is white, soft, the entrance to the water is gentle, and the ebbs are practically not noticeable. Lovers of shallow water and children will like it. In addition, there are no small shells and stones at the bottom, algae in water. Fans of swimming in the depths will also like Kata: the depth here begins 20 meters from the shore, but it grows gradually.

Beach Kata

There are always free places here, the beach cannot be called crowded, there is no large influx of vacationers, it is ideal for a calm, measured rest, there are also all the conditions for children’s bathing and rest. This beach is considered the most popular among lovers of a relaxing vacation, quiet and comfortable, there are no noisy night parties, there are no bars and nightclubs.

Infrastructure on the beach of kata at a high level: the choice of entertainment is incredibly wide, there are a lot of restaurants and cafes, many hotels and hotels of different price segment, various excursions and parks. Also on the beach you can use the services of massage therapists, surf and diving, ride a “banana”, water motorcycle, swim in a boat, admiring local exotic landscapes.

If you are looking for a cozy place for a quiet family vacation, we definitely recommend that you take a closer look at Kata beach.

Caron beach

Karon beach is considered one of the best beaches of Phuket and is one of the ten best beaches in the world according to international experts. But, despite the high popularity and undeniable beauty, this beach is quite dangerous and on its shores you can often see red flags indicating that swimming is prohibited here, since rescuers found the so-called rips.

Caron beach

The water in the sea is clean, azure, and the sand is unusually yellow, delicate and creaky, yes, it creaks like snow in the cold underfoot. The coastline is very wide, stretched for 4 kilometers, the sea in this place is deep, in the summer there are large waves and a strong current, so you need to be extremely careful, swim in strictly in the places allocated for this, in front of the rescuers.

Conditionally, the Caron beach can be divided into two parts. Northern – more suitable for active, youth holidays, it is noisy here, a lot of entertainment, in the southern part of Karon is calmer, this place will have to love with a measured, calm beach holiday.

The infrastructure of this resort is rich in rolls and various tourist entertainments: observation deck, rental of boards for surfing, water motorcycles, all kinds of cafes and bars, karaoke, nightclubs and discos, a small market. Karon beach is a beautiful, but dangerous place to relax, so when choosing this beach, be vigilant.

Beach Kata Noi

A small cozy beach of kata is considered one of the most expensive beaches of Phuket, housing here is not budget, the sea is clean, everything is well-groomed and civilized.

Beach Kata Noi

Translated from Thai “Noah” means “small” and the beach is actually small: the length of the kata is only about 700 meters, about 10-50 meters wide. Due to the modest size of the bay, there is no active shipping, which is a big plus. There are practically no castings and days, the depth begins after 5 meters. The shore smoothly goes into the reef chain, the bottom is sandy, not rocky. Since the beach is located south of the rest of the rest, there is no city noise, few people.

Kati is a beach for relaxation, there are no attractions, large stores or local markets, so there will be better to go to Katu for the search for entertainment institutions. Nothing in this place will prevent you from truly relaxing and enjoying a quiet, calm vacation on the seashore, since noisy parties and karaoke bars remained far beyond the line of Kata Neuya.

Despite such modesty in terms of the entertainment program, you will not be bored. There is everything for a comfortable beach vacation and for active water sports, there are exquisite restaurants, good shops and souvenir shops. Kati – a beach remote from noisy places, perfectly suitable for a relaxing vacation with family and children.

Patong beach

The most promoted and popular beach on the west coast of Phuket is a pathong. This island town was originally created to visit tourists, so today there is a chic infrastructure with a bunch of entertainment institutions. This is a resort for lovers of a noisy, youth holiday, because with the onset of twilight, the pathong turns into a huge party.

Patong beach

The length of the beach is about 4 kilometers and this is one of the longest beaches of Phuket. The coastline is flat, the entrance to the water is gentle, the bottom is sandy and clean, children like to collect shells and pebbles. The ebbs and flows in this place are not pronounced, you can always swim. Despite the fact that there are so many vacationers, the beach is quite clean.

There are many families with children on the Patong, as this place is perfect for relaxing with the kids, but this place is still difficult to call family. Keep in mind that it is always very lively, noisy and fun, so it will not work out and enjoy a quiet vacation. In addition to vacationers on the beach, there are always many local residents who offer their services.

Patong beach is an ideal place to relax, relax and enjoy life. He is especially popular with his nightly life: dancing and noisy parties last until the morning, and in this place there is everything necessary for real parties. It is for this reason that there are not many vacationers with children and couples, this place is more suitable for young people who come to rest in search of adventure, exotic and fun.

Beach Nai Young

Nay Young is almost a wild beach, since its coast belongs to the Sininat National Park and the infrastructure is located only in the central part of the resort, nature is not touched by man in the rest of the territory.

Due to a number of restrictions in connection with finding in the reserve Bay, founding is ideal for tourists who love loneliness and silence. Here you will not find noisy entertainment, there are neither shopping centers, nor local markets, no restaurants, and even more so night clubs and discos. At night, life on Ny Young seems to freeze and you can fully enjoy silence and calmness away from the noisy, fussy city.

Beach Nai Young

The entire infrastructure is located in the central part: a couple of ordinary hotels, there are small cafes where you can have a bite, massage salons and a couple of small shops.

There is no push on the beach on the beach, in the northern part you can lie on a sunbed under the shadow of trees. In the southern part there is casuarin forest, these are trees similar to pine. The sea here is not deep, sometimes water goes ten meters from the shore. Due to the coral reef there are no strong waves.

Keep in mind that in the northern part of Nai Yang there is a place where the turtles breed, from November to February they lay eggs, so it is forbidden to engage in active types of water sports. Nay Young is a great place for a comfortable, measured rest, for connoisseurs of wildlife.

Surin beach

Another popular Beach of Phuket is Surin, nicknamed the “beach of millionaires”, as this place is often chosen for celebrities and rich recreation.

The beach is located almost in the very center of the western coast of the island and in the south rests on the stone cape. Surin is wide enough, about a kilometer length. The ebbs and a tide in this place are practically not felt, the color of the water is very beautiful, azure, no silt and dirt, the sand is light, in some places yellow, in some places almost white. The entrance to the water is gentle, in the southern part the bottom is quite rocky, so here you can see many lovers of snorkeling.

Surin beach

On Surin in the season is quite crowded, we can say that this is a party beach: there are few couples with children here, mostly young people who prefer a fun and noisy rest. In the evening, a new life begins here: lights are lit, music turns on, people meet a sunset and plunge into the atmosphere of a real spa vacation.

There are various cafes on the beach of Surin, in which you can have dinner right on the seashore to live music, and pathos restaurants, Catch Beach Club is considered the coolest.

There is everything, for water entertainment: water motorcycles and skis, “bananas”. You can also rent a motorbike and ride a local embankment planted with trees. Tourists love Surin’s beach, he is crowded and slightly glamorous, and a common “typical” resort, where you can have fun in a flawless atmosphere.

Kamala beach

Kamala – the beach in the central part of Phuket, is the coast of the town of the same name. This place is not only tourist, ordinary people live here and recently the elderly people often choose Kamalu as a second house.

This beach is calm and so much inherently quiet and cozy, but there are enough people, quite cleanly. The water is transparent, warm, in the southern part quite dirty, many stones, often local fishermen leave their boats here, in general, it is not suitable for a beach holiday. But in the northern and central parts it is quite possible to accommodate.

Kamala beach

The winds here, bumping into a number of underwater reefs, create huge three -meter waves and at this time it is very dangerous to swim here, preventive red flags appear, so be vigilant. But avid surfingists are simply delighted with this place!

As for the infrastructure, Kamal has all attributes for a real Thai rest on the beach: massage salons, mini-mocks, cafes, shops with souvenirs, attractions, yoga schools and even a Thai cooking school. On Kamal, the beach and civilization are most organically combined and there is an indisputable advantage of the resort in this.

Rest on the beach of Kamal is ideal for those who want to spend their vacation as brightly, fun and modern.

Nai Thon Beach

On the picturesque resort coast in the northwestern part of Phuket there is a small colorful beach of Knighton, which is an environmentally friendly zone and is located on the territory of the Sininate National Park.

Nai Thon Beach

The beach is quite wide and long, the water here is transparent, there are small waves, the shore and the bottom are not rocky, covered with delicate soft sand, the entrance is gentle, the depth grows in a spasmodic. There are almost no palm trees under the sea of casuarin trees, under the canopy of which you can hide from the scorching sun.

Nai Thon Beach is not a wild beach, crowded, but there is no push, tourists love this place. It is very beautiful here and, unlike Patong or Suri, there are no noisy parties and nightclubs. Knight is a small district, so the infrastructure here is quite modest. There are not many hotels, there are small shops, restaurants and cafes, a couple of massage salons, rental points, tents with fresh fruits and Thai food.

Beach Freedom

The once wild and completely deserted beach by Freedom today is one of the most popular places to relax in Phuket. The beautiful, enveloping the northern part of the cape and covered with forest beach is very loved by tourists from different countries, but it is unlikely that you can retire and enjoy silence here.

The entrance to the water is smooth, gentle, you can swim with children. In winter, it is usually a complete calm on the water, and in the summer it is quite dangerous to swim, as strong waves rise. From all sides, the mountains and the jungle are surrounded by Freedom. There is no garbage, very clean and neat.

Beach Freedom

Due to the hardness of the beach, here you can find peace and solitude, here you will not bother the noisy crowds of tourists, screams jumping along the waves of “bananas” and water scooters. Frida is a beach of freedom, here you can hide from civilization in a tropical world untouched by a person.

But do not think that because of such remoteness from civilization, you will be bored here. By no means! There is no mass of entertainment, but the infrastructure is quite good. There are numerous cafes, several hotels in the depths of the island, an observation deck, from where a chic look opens. Also on the banks of Freedom, ideal conditions for snorkeling, on the beach you can play volleyball or just relax on a sunbed.

Beach Bang Tao

One of the longest beaches on Phuket-Bang Tao is located on the northwestern coast and was washed by a large open bay. This is perhaps the most luxurious premium beach, with an impeccable level of service and is considered a place for a respectable, elite rest.

The beach has a length of about 5 kilometers and is conditionally divided into 3 parts: South, Northern and Central. In the southern part, infrastructure is more developed, since there are always more vacationers here, but the northern part is a less lively place.

Beach Bang Tao

The sea on the Bang of Tao is subject to strong tides and tides, in the south, it is small enough, in the northern part a little deeper, the entrance to the water is gentle. The beach is very clean, there are no stones, algae, pieces of corals and other garbage. The sea is not as clean and transparent as in other resorts, but still very beautiful, turquoise blue. The sand is heterogeneous: in some places, snow-white, like flour, and in others-golden yellow.

Rest on the beach Bang Tao is suitable for those who are used to the benefits of civilization, but wants a vacation in Thailand to be relaxing and pacifying. It is quite unlikely, calm and quiet, even somewhat melancholy. The resort hotels have a lot of spa and gyms, golf courses, dive centers, beach clubs, bars and restaurants, shops and markets, several supermarkets.

We advise you to pay attention to the beach of Bang Tao to those who want to calmly relax with their family and children in the atmosphere of complete relaxation and peace.

Beach Nai Harn

Nai Harn is a beach for lovers of a serene vacation, one of the most beautiful places in Asia, chasing the riot of wildlife and picturesque landscapes.

The coastal strip of Nai Harn is surrounded on all sides with hills, along the beach zone stretches a forest belt of casuarin trees, the water is clean and transparent, beige sand is small and soft. The entrance to the water is gentle and even, there are practically no waves in the autumn-winter period, you can swim with children. In the late spring and summer, Duji begins on Nai Harn and at that time swim here is not what is impossible, but very dangerous.

Beach Nai Harn

The infrastructure is standard for the resort: restaurants and bars, sports grounds, souvenir shops, exchangers, there are conditions for snorkeling and diving, there is an equipped children’s playground, there is a park with arbors in the central part of the island. There is no night life here: no go-go-bars, bardles, so lovers of exotic and outdoor activities will be disappointed.

Basically, on the beach, Nay Harn, families with children and newlyweds are resting, there is a quiet place for fans of a serene rest. The Buddhist Monastery Wat Nai Harn is occupied by the rather large territory of the beach, the monks do not approve of the construction of hotels on their territory, so there are completely no buildings on the first line of the beach.

Nai Harn is a beautiful picturesque place for a cozy family vacation in the shade of the Eol trees on the shores of the warm Andaman Sea.

Banana beach

On the west coast of the island, another small cozy beach of the banana is hidden. This place remained secret for tourists for a long time, because of its situation, today this resort is ideal for a secluded vacation in a bosom of wild tropical nature. By the way, the beach received the name of the banana because of a curved bay, which is similar from a height in shape to a banana. And not at all because bananas grow here, as many people think.

Banana beach

On both sides, the beach of the banana is closed with rocky capes, the shore does not have sharp steep differences, the waves here are regularly in a fair wind, there are places where the bottom is dotted with stones and walking there is not very convenient. In general, the beach is clean and neat, shellless. The sand on the beach is small and soft, walking on this is a continuous pleasure. The water is fantastically clean, warm. There is a lot of vegetation on the beach of the banana: palm trees, mangroves and casual trees, under the shadow of which you can hide in a hot afternoon.

This place is located in one of the most uninquisitive areas of Phuket, so the tourist service here is quite modest, but this will not ruin your vacation at all. There is a couple of large hotels, cafes, rental of beach inventory.

The relative isolation of the beach of the banana made this resort very comfortable, and despite its inaccessibility, popular among vacationers. Tourists from all over our planet come here to spend a vacation in this secret place, away from noise and fuss.