About me

Hi, I’m Anastasiia, a British travel enthusiast with a heart for adventure and a soul that thrives on exploring new horizons.

Originally an Analyst, my life took a thrilling turn when I embraced my passion for travel. I love meticulously planning each journey, whether it’s a weekend hike, a city escapade, or an exotic vacation. My blog, Nomad’s Vibe, is a treasure trove of my travel experiences, itineraries, and expert tips, designed to simplify your travel planning and ignite your wanderlust.

Hiking is my escape and joy. There’s an unmatchable thrill in strapping on my hiking boots and venturing into the wilderness, whether it’s amidst the majestic Blue Mountains of Australia, the lush landscapes of Ella in Sri Lanka, or the awe-inspiring views of Switzerland’s Matterhorn. Back in the UK, I relish weekend hikes in the Peak District, The Cotswolds, or along the picturesque South Coast.

My travels have been extensive and enriching, leveraging every opportunity to explore from the epic road trip across Canada to the mesmerizing coastal towns and national parks of Croatia.

A pivotal moment came when I decided to leave my job and embrace nomadic life with my husband. Our journey began in September 2021, with a memorable drive through Europe, traversing from Paris to the French Riviera, the enchanting Black Forest of Germany, the Swiss Jungfrau region, and finally Spain.

January 2022 marked the start of our Asian adventure, a seven-month odyssey through Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia. Post-Asia, we experienced van life in Australia, traversing its captivating coasts, followed by an immersive exploration of New Zealand’s islands. Our journey concluded with a brief yet memorable stay in Japan, before returning to the UK.

Through Nomad’s Vibe, I aim to inspire and motivate you to embark on your own adventures, to explore the world and its endless possibilities.

If you have questions, travel suggestions, or simply want to share your experiences, please reach out. I’d love to connect with fellow travelers.

Keep vibeing,


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